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  • Participating directly in the financing of one of the projects on site by booking a fee for the construction of an experimental vineyard for the production of De.C.O. Guardavalle di Guardavalle in its area of ​​origin.

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For deposits which are higher than  100,00 euro , it is better a bank transfer on the bank account of “ Banca Etica” of Punta Stilo association and IBAN is:  IT97 V050 1803 4000 0001 1602 422  -  BIC: CCRTIT2T84A

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We are working to create a large network of organic producers and Calabrian transformation companies,

If you supporting the association, you help us to realize our dream, that is, to give value  and  redevelop  our territory, helping many little companies to emerge. At this page we will talk about our project and we will insert soon the initiatives which will be supported thanks at your donation.

This gathering of funds is to support the association in its different activities of helping the other associated companies , and some of them have serious financial difficulties and these funds is also used by the association to develop the projects .

You can give  us an important help sharing this initiative on internet. Make your donation, also few euro are sufficient.

The association want to protect and give value at the peculiar aspects of this territory for developing them and assisting them and so that they can interconnect them at the market with strength.  It is important gather together companies which are able to create quality, specialty and distinctiveness which every companies must to have so that people know us and we can promote our territory, Calabria, which has many peculiar aspects and excellences. We want to give a chance at the young people and at the other people who want to work and live in own land. We want to support and to help this people to conquer  the pride to be the characters of this land and they believe in this land.

Our project is easy for the theory but it is very difficult to put it into practice. We want to gather together people and companies in a process which creates quality and distinctiveness, and we  want also to help   them to improve the procedures of production  and to promote  them to have the right exposure. it is a long and delicate process, but it is made with care to give you the best of Calabria productions.
All that can’t be separated by the territory where there is the production, it is a territory which is rich of peculiar things, a territory which must be discovered because it offers excellent peculiar things for the tourist traffic.
The association has different projects, but it can be realized only if there is synergy, sharing and collaborations, and above all, by the people who believe in that we are offering. Every kind of collaboration is welcomed.