The project provides for the commissioning of the mill and the arrangement of the area outside the mill to be able to carry out educational and demonstration activities for children and non-children.

This project is part of the Association's construction site and in particular, you will contribute to the realization of the most important controlled and guaranteed supply chain of Calabrian organic products, in order to have the possibility to access good, healthy and clean products, both in an environmental and ethical sense / social.


Any contribution is fine, even one euro is of great support. With a contribution of at least € 10.00 we will register your name in the register of the mill's supporters and, when you come to visit us, we will be happy to take you on a guided tour of the mill.


Become an active supporter! Help us to contact other people, spread the word, share this collection with your friends, this too will be of great help. Thanks for your support!

Mill donation