Fundraising campaign through the acquisition of shares of at least € 1,000.00 each with the aim of raising at least € 1.5 million to acquire and renovate some properties for the construction of holiday homes.


At this stage we ask you to communicate your interest in the project by booking a number of shares based on your interest in participating in the project. With each share you can guarantee at least one day a year of vacation in one of the apartments that will be renovated.


More details will be obtained once the adhesions have been collected and the size of the project has been quantified.


NB: The reservation of the shares does not imply any obligation to proceed with the subscription. The modalities of participation and the relative prizes relating to the units will be better defined before the call to subscribe for the reserved units is launched.


Thanks for your support!

Widespread hospitality

  • If you want to communicate your interest in more actions, complete the order, choose manual payment in the cart to proceed. NB: the reservation of units does not involve any subscription obligation. There will then be indications on how to proceed. Thank you.

  • At the time of checkout, choose manual payment in order to complete the order and thus communicate your interest in the equity-crowdfunding project for the purchase of properties and renovation.