The project involves the purchase of the mill which has land as appurtenances, about 20,000 square meters and some buildings to be restored where 4-5 apartments can be obtained for hospitality.

The place where the Mill is located, a few steps from the town of Guardavalle, is in a place in the countryside, quiet and very cool in summer. A place to spend quiet days and relaxing evenings, where you can taste our products.

For each € 1,000 fee you will be entitled to book each year, in one of the apartments that we will recover, a day of vacation and a 30% discount on the flour we will produce.


NB: The reservation of the shares of € 1,000 does not require you to participate in the loan, but allows us to quantify the interest in this operation and evaluate when to activate the collection. Communicate this to your friends to reach the number of shares as soon as possible to start the purchase and renovation procedures


Thanks for your support!

Water mill donation


    If you want to communicate your interest in more shares, complete the order, in the cart there will be instructions on how to insert other vouchers. Thank you.

  • At the time of checkout choose manual payment in order to complete the order and thus communicate your interest in the equity-crowdfunding project for the purchase of the mill