By booking a fee of 50.00 euros, you participate in the construction of 20 square meters of vineyard for the production of Guardavalle grapes. In exchange for the following 5 years, you will receive 1 bottle of wine and 1 bottle of sparkling wine.

But if you book at least 10, you will have 12 bottles of wine and 12 bottles of sparkling wine for 5 years!



  • IIf you want to book more than one quota, complete the order, in the cart there will be instructions on how to enter other quotas and the choice of payment methods. Thank you.

  • For amounts over 100.00 euros it is preferable that the payment is made by bank transfer, whose coordinates on Banca Etica's C / C are: Punta Stilo Association, IBAN: IT97 V050 1803 4000 0001 1602 422   -  BIC: CCRTIT2T84A