The Association Punta Stilo organizes the 4th food and wine fair

Do not miss the 4th food and wine fair, for local products and territory promotion. Organized by the Association Punta Stilo on August 3, 2018 in the fantastic setting of the village of Guardavalle Superiore.

An evening dedicated to the tasting of local organic products in order to enhance and promote best Calabrian aspects. All accompanied by excellent music, good wine and craft beer. In addition, the first Calabrian sparkling wine from Guardavalle grape will be presented in absolute preview. Spaces dedicated also to children.

PROGRAM From 18.00

  • ARSAA, Association for the Historical Artistic and Architectural Recovery, will guide you along an itinerary through the streets of the Guardavalle ancient village, between Palaces, Churches and Minor Architecture (PRICE 3 EURO EACH)

  • Young artisans of Davoli organize workshops (for children from 6 to 99 years old) of

- jewelry creation (PRICE 5 EURO EACH)

- ceramic decoration (PRICE 10 EURO EACH)

  • and craft products stands


From 20.00

  • Tasting of cooked dishes and typical products of the territory

  • Tasting of the sparkling wine Guardavalle in absolute preview. Discover the fundraising project for the recovery of the Guardavalle vineyard in its original territory


The cost of the ticket (also available on the website is € 2.50 and entitle you to € 1 discount to be used on the stands during the evening.

The awards are:

  • first: n ° 2 vineyard quotas

  • second: n ° 1 vineyard quota

  • third: a gift voucher of 40 euros to be used in the shop section of the site

  • fourth: a basket with association products

  • fifth: a bottle of sparkling wine Guardavalle


Today more than ever, the need to know what we eat has become a priority, both for health and environment protection and for the rediscovery of lost flavors.

The Calabrian lands were very rich in varieties adapted over the centuries, resistant to adversity and with unique flavors. A dramatic impoverishment of the genetic heritage of agricultural species has been carried out by big seed companies which promote high yield plants also through genetic modification.

Fortunately, many farmers and consumers have noticed that behind the promise of high production hides the rip-off of having hardy plants that require therefore continuous treatments through which the true flavors have been lost. The Punta Stilo Association is involved in the creation of a Calabrian organic farms network which could guarantee a production chain controlled in all its phases and then be able to reach the final consumer directly without intermediaries. Punta Stilo is the name of the location from which the Association project started. An area that someone has called "middle ground", a sort of no-man's land. In part it is true because many inhabitants have emigrated elsewhere and entire areas are abandoned.

The ambitious project is to bring out another image of Calabria: producing according to the biological method, respecting the environment and workers.

The goal is to give hope to those who want

  • to work in Calabria and no to emigrate

  • to put back into production the lands that have been abandoned for too many years

  • to create enterprises despite the politics, the crime and the financial system

  • to recover abandoned productions such as natural fibers (broom, hemp, flax, etc.) and ancient fruits and vegetables

But the Punta Stilo Association has also the objective to protect and enhance the territory. There are many places of enormous historical and environmental value, abandoned to themselves, with the risk of ending up in the hands of some "speculator". For these reasons, among the associated companies there are also tourist facilities, restaurants and beautiful agritourisms with educational farms that offer educational experiences in a unique rural and environmental context, as well as mountain hikes, villages and archaeological sites.

For more information, search “Associazione Punta Stilo” on Facebook and Instagram or go directly to

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