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Wedespread hospitality

Real estate redevelopment project for the creation of a widespread hospitality system integrated with the territory.
The territory of Calabria is a great treasure trove of scenic, cultural and flavor beauties.


Calabria, a harsh territory often unknown to many, but full of places to discover, experience and taste. A land of different environments, with over 800 km of coastline, 5 marine parks, 4800 km2 of woods, three natural parks from 0 to over 1,000 meters above sea level in a few km, oil, citrus fruits, vegetables, wine, kiwi, avocado, strawberries, cured meats , cheeses, dishes, many dishes and recipes that tell this land and the people who live there. A land that cannot be told, but experienced.

When it was the day of Calabria God found himself in his hand 15,000 km2 of green clay with purple reflections.

He went to work, and Calabria came out of his hands more beautiful than California and Hawaii, more beautiful than the French Riviera and the Japanese archipelagos.

Then he distributed the months and seasons to Calabria.

For the winter he granted the sun, for the spring the sun, for the summer the sun, for the autumn the sun.

In January he gave the chestnut, in February the pignolata, in March the ricotta, in April the focaccia with egg, in May the swordfish, in June the cherry, in July the aubergine fig, in August the zibibbo, in September the fig of India, mustard in October, walnut in November, orange in December.

—  Leonida Repaci



Recovery of buildings and places (villages) to create a widespread hospitality system that allows you to fully experience the territory.

Many people, especially foreigners, are buying small buildings in historic centers to renovate them and make them holiday homes. But this involves an important organizational and financial commitment and in the face of the satisfaction of owning a home, there is also the commitment of having a second home and tax and maintenance charges. Commitments that, very often, do not justify the limited use made of them.

No less important is the fact that even having your own holiday home, the most important criticality remains: that of the scarce presence of services and circuits that allow you to experience the area and what it offers without difficulty. Added to this is the fact that there are properties which, due to their current state (which require major interventions), their location (adjacent to other properties) and their size, make it difficult for individuals to recover.

This project involves the acquisition of groups of houses, to be restored within a single recovery plan, historic buildings and other structures that lend themselves to creating holiday homes to be included in a broader project of widespread hospitality, which sees the mass available to guests, in addition to the use of the houses, a whole series of services that will allow you to enjoy "carefree" holidays, with the possibility of being welcomed at the point of arrival and, if needed, have a car to move around and offer of packages to enjoy and enjoy the places you intend to visit.

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                                                        The phases of the project


PHASE 1: Fundraising campaign launch through the acquisition of shares of at least € 1,000.00 each with the aim of raising at least € 1.5 million to acquire and renovate some properties in the center of Guardavalle (CZ) to build apartments that will be part of an experiential tourist offer system, where those participating in the initiative will have the opportunity to use, in the periods they prefer, a holiday home, equipped with all the comforts and related services, without having to worry about maintenance.

At this stage we ask you to communicate your interest in the project by booking a number of shares based on your interest in participating in the project. With each share you can guarantee at least one day a year of vacation in one of the apartments that will be renovated (more details and conditions will be obtained based on the level of funding that will be achieved and the consequent size of the project).

NB: The reservation of the shares does not imply any obligation to proceed with the subscription. The modalities of participation and the relative prizes relating to the units will be better defined before the call to subscribe for the reserved units is launched.


PHASE 2: Having reached the number of reservations sufficient to make the project feasible, the methods of participation in the project will be defined in detail and the agreements to be signed before proceeding with the subscription of the shares.


PHASE 3: Upon completion of the collection of funds envisaged by the project, the property will be acquired and renovated.

Investimenti progetto


How can you participate?

It's simple, now it is enough to communicate your interest in subscribing the membership fees to the project with which you become a financing partner.

For each share subscribed, you will have the opportunity to book a day of vacation in one of the renovated apartments with the money collected.

Each share has a value of € 1,000.00 and can be subscribed up to a maximum of

100 for each financing member.

To reserve the shares, at this stage, simply click on the following link

and then proceed with the formalization of the subscription once the quota collection

objective has been reached. NB: At this stage the reservation does not involve any

constraint for the future subscription, but only after the detailed terms and conditions

will be defined.

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