Social and territorial redevelopment project with recovery of the Guardavalle native vine
Wine and Calabria. A historical link with the territory.


Calabria has been the country of wine since ancient times, and for this reason the Greeks named it  Enotria that means wine country. During the Greek period, as a matter of fact, there were more than thousand kinds of different vineyards.
Among them, obviously, there is the famous “Cirò”  that, nowdays , is known all over the world and it is defined the oldest wine on the earth and the Greeks gave it as prize at the athletes who were the winners of the Olympic games.
Another wine which is linked to this territory is the  famous “Greek” , a vineyard that the Greeks transplanted here in the 8th century before Christ . The “Greek of Bianco” spreads very soon also among the Latin people and very much that it conquered fame and glory. In Rome, the Patrician emperors liked very much; the women liked for its aphrodisiac virtues.  



The restoration of the historical memory  of the territory

The  story of the vineyard of Guardavalle is very long and clear, there are important links with the “Greco” and the “ Mantonico bianco”. But there is a sure data: the vineyard of Guardavalle and its plantation have existed since ancient times in this territory and in neighboring areas. We want to analyze this link with the past. It is sure that this vine variety gives a good wine which has some important features which are appraised by the costumers.
The production of this wine could be a wide-ranging project that aims to include a big part of grounds of the regional territory, above all, of the Ionian coast. There are barren and uncultivated hills which have been left for the migration. Our target is to realize a plantation of 20 hectares .
It is a restoration which starts with a phase of studying this area and then there is the phase of projecting, they are both accurate phases. All that is included in a project of environmental , social and economic upgrading  of an area which is less developed and it needs to generate employment. This is a project which includes also the whole community , above all, the young people and to generate employment for them too. We have to promote our properties to grow together.


                                                         THE PHASES OF THE PROJECT

  • PHASE 1: the production of the wine “ De.Co. Guardavalle di Guardavalle” (for which we have requested the recognition) so that in June we can taste the wine. To make known the quality of the project, 600 bottles of wine were produced (all booked !!!), presented at the beginning of 2018, and 500 bottles of sparkling wine that will be ready by the end of december 2019;


  • PHASE 2: gathering of capital (target  50.000 euro) to create a first parcel for the wine  “De.Co. Guardavalle di Guardavalle” (their bottles will be offered at the people which will support the project) and to realize experimental vine variety which can become an important example for the people who want to take part at this project creating other different vineyards.

         If we will gather more money, we will support the people, above all the young people, who want to create a  vineyard.


  • PHASE 3: the creation of the experimental Vineyard to encourage other people to produce the wine “De.Co. Guardavalle di Guardavalle”

Thanks to this contribution, the Association will also be able to support, from an economic and logistic point of view, how many people want to make a vineyard. 



  • Making a donation to participate in the realization of an experimental vineyard for the production of Guardavalle grapes. For each 50.00 euro fee you will finance the construction of 20 square meters of vineyard and receive, from the third year from the plant and for the next 5 years, a bottle of still wine and a sparkling wine (commercial value € 27.00) , receiving bottles of wine for a value of € 135.00 over 5 years!!!;

  • Buy 10 quotas from € 50 for a total of € 500, you will receive 12 bottles of still white and 12 bottles of sparkling wine for 5 years and a value of € 1.800!!!

  • You can still book some bottles of sparkling wine (or white wine for production next year) from the shop section.

  • Important, an excellent contribution can be given by supporting this initiative by informing your friends and sharing it on the internet


                  Sipport the wineyard project!     

Book now your participation fee for the construction of the vineyard!